College is a great time to learn, but also for fun, expression, and meeting people that could become lifelong friendships. Hosting college parties and meetingups is a great way to meet new people. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite college party themes to help you. After you choose a theme for your party, make sure to order some delicious food and play your favorite music and more.

1. Toga Party

Toga parties are a great theme for a college party. You can have your guests dress in their best togas with a dress-code inspired by Greek or Roman traditions.

You can make this party your own by focusing on other creative aspects. To add a playful twist to your toga bash, you could ask guests to decorate their togas or choose brightly colored togas. You can also combine a toga party with another theme, such as a toga raving party.

2. Ugly Sweater Party

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Nothing beats an ugly sweater party. If you want to have a funny get-together with your college friends or celebrate the holidays, ugly sweaters are always in style.

Offer a prize for the best (or worst) dressed, and theme your activities and food around this topic. You can also theme your food and activities around the topic. For example, you could create a quiz.

3. Graffiti Party

Let’s get creative and have a graffiti party. This party is great for students who love to be creative, whether they are art students or music students.

Ask your guests to wear something white, like a T-shirt or tank top. Give out fabric paints, markers, highlighters and pens in different colors. Invite people to accessorize each other or their own outfits. You can inform your guests about this on the party invitations, so that they wear clothes they are comfortable with getting graffitied.

You can keep graffiti art on your clothes or you can find a place that people will be able to show off their skills, like a large canvas or cardboard model.

4. High School Stereotypes Party

This college party theme shows that high school never ends. Dress your guests as high school stereotypes for an evening filled with laughter and fond memories.

You can cover any stereotype you want — goths, nerds and hippies are just some examples. You can even dress up as the dynamic duo from your favorite high school movie, such as Clueless and Mean Girls.

5. Disney Party

This cute theme is based on Disney classics. You can have a lot of fun with this theme. You can choose to stick with Disney villains and princesses, use only old favorites such as Mickey and Minnie or even include some newer Marvel characters.

Encourage your guests to dress as their favorite Disney character for your Disney-inspired event. There’s no reason to wait until Halloween parties. This works well for any spooky occasion. Decorate your home, drink, food and decor with Disney images. These Disney cocktails are a great addition to any menu if you’re over the age requirement.

6. Hawaiian Luau

It’s a great idea to throw a Hawaiian luau party for your college friends when summer is on the horizon. It’s a popular college party theme because it is a fun, bright way to get together.

Dress in your best beachwear, even if you aren’t going to the sea. Enjoy island-inspired food and drinks, play party games such as limbo, and create a playlist that will transport you to a tropical island. This theme is also great for decorating your home. Think tiki torches and textured grass, as well as bright colors. Don’t forget to check out our guide on How to Host a Luau Party for a complete list of ideas with detailed description.

7. Meme Party

This is the theme for your college party if you love memes. Bring your friends together for a night of meme trivia and see who can keep up with the latest trends.

You can be as creative as you like with this themed party. Costume ideas are based on classic memes, and the current trends. You’re not sure what to wear? The guide of the best memes can help you choose the right outfit for your casual gathering.

8. Pajama Party

Slumber Parties have remained popular no matter your age. This college party theme is perfect for sorority parties, meetups with best friends, and weekends spent relaxing with new friends.

Throw pillows and blankets will make your room feel extra cozy. Wear your most comfortable pajamas. You can watch a few movies until the late evening, with popcorn, drinks, snacks and ice cream.

9. Casino Night Party


Casino-themed College Party. You can use this if you like card games or casino games. Or if you want to have a sophisticated night. You can even charge an “entrance” fee that you donate to charity.

Transform a college dorm room or other venue into a casino at night with accents in red, black and gold. You can add luxurious textures, like velvet curtains, for a fun and unique touch. They are also great for creating a DIY photobooth. You can play games with new friends and have a great time.

10. Anything But Clothes Party

You can challenge your guests to dress in a creative way by hosting a “anything but clothing” party. Wear whatever you like as long as it isn’t clothing. It sounds like a lot of fun!

You can transform a tent or bed sheet into a wearable item, or you can go more outrageous with candy wrappers, cardboard and tape rolls. What ever your guests create, it will be funny and Insta-worthy.

11. Zombie Apocalypse Party

You can’t go far wrong with a party themed after the zombie apocalypse. It’s not just for Halloween — this theme works all year long.

Invite your guests to come into a post-apocalyptic world. Style your party space to look like a zombie apocalypse. Serve scary food options or party classics such as burgers or pizza. Let your guests decide whether they want to come dressed up or in the form of zombies.